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Family Life Center is a Volunteer Ministry

Volunteer board of directors.
Volunteer department managers.
Volunteer for daily activities.

The departments of Family Life Center are clothing, food pantry, maintenance, kitchen lunches, office data peeps and receptionist.


Volunteers are free to come and go based on their personal schedules. Some come a couple days a week, some volunteer a couple times a month. Some volunteer all day, some volunteer a few hours.

Clothing Volunteers

These volunteers assist in unloading vehicles of donated clothing, sort clothing for quality and season, hang the clothes for the show floor, pick up hangers and maintain the quality of the floor.

Food Pantry Volunteers

These volunteers maintain the food in the 24 hour containers, assist in unloading donated food, assist in data keeping, maintain the food storage facility. Family Life Center carries a ServSafe Certification. The FP volunteers will be given training on the main points of ServSafe qualifications. 

Data Volunteers

These volunteers are using Google Works and Access.

Kitchen Volunteers

These volunteers serve hot lunches for volunteers, Monday through Thursday.  

Receptionist Volunteers

Receptionist meets and greets families shopping for clothes and answers the phone. The receptionist is the face of Family Life Center.

Maintenance Volunteers

These volunteers help maintain our two main buildings and four garden sheds.

Program Volunteers

These volunteers are dedicated to Quilt Auction and Community Christmas Families.

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