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Community Christmas 

Christmas Work Days
December 11-14: Build the Christmas Rooms with shelves and racks. Sort toys and clothes, fill gift rooms. Eat all day and night

December 16: Christmas Distribution to families.
December 18: Store Christmas decorations and clear floors for cleaning

Program Info

Family Life Center holds the county spreadsheet for all the families/children being served Christmas.

It includes organizations, churches, schools and individuals serving families. It also includes the names, addresses and attending school of families and their children.


Once the organizations have chosen their families, Family Life Center fills in the gaps for children that are not being served. 


An example: If an organization serves children to age 12 then Family Life Center will serve children 13 to 18. Family Life Center will also serve grandparents who are parenting grandchildren.

Once Family Life Center selects a family, the family will be notified. We request the family's assistance in sorting toys, stocking shelves and wrapping gifts. This creates a sense of community and responsibility for their gifts. All gifts are donated to Family Life Center, then gifts are donated to the family. The family selects, wraps and are ready for Christmas. 


Families also receive food, hygiene and paper products based on the number in their family.

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